Outdoor entertainment


Nordic walking

It is an entertaining way of spending your free time, socialising, promoting health in the fresh air and it is an activity suitable for people of all ages no matter how fit you are. During Nordic walking more than 90 per cent of your body muscles are working and you burn 47 per cent more calories in comparison with walking at the same pace without sticks. This activity is beneficial for elderly people and overweight people as well as people with back problems.


Bicycle rent

In the homestead "Ignė" you can rent modern bicycles with 7 internal gears for cycling in the fresh air. It is a perfect way to explore surroundings of Druskininkai and have a good time. If you want to rent a bicycle, contact please the administration of the homestead.

Prices: 1 hour is 2 € per person; all day is 8 € per person; extra days are 5 € per person

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Other services

If you are keen on extreme experiences, we offer archery or slinging and throwing an axe to the target. These fun activities come from ancient times of prehistoric hunting and they will let you try out your strength and courage and they will help you relax from your daily stress.

Throwing an axe to the target. It lasts for 15 min., the price is 5 €
Archery. It lasts for 15 min., the price is 10 €
Slinging. It lasts for 15 min., the price is 3 €
Services listed above have to be booked in advance. Minimal price of booking is 50 €

Shooting tournament for groups up to 20 people - 180 € + 6 € for each additional person.


Children playground

In the yard of the homestead "Ignė" there is a playground for our small guests with a variety of swings, slides and a large trampoline. The playground is fenced, so parents can be sure about safety of their children.